Affiliate and referral tracking for SaaS

Launch your own affiliate and referral program in minutes.
1-click integration with Stripe.

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What is FirstPromoter?

FirstPromoter is an all-in-one platform that allows SaaS and other subscription businesses to run any type of referral based marketing programs

FirstPromoter helps you track, manage and optimize:

Partner and Affiliate campaigns

Reward your affiliates with recurring commissions. Give offers to their audience, personalize rewards by performance and let them check their progress from their own branded dashboard.

Influencer marketing campaigns

Get influencers to become your brand promoters. Surprise them with free products, track performance with personalized links or promo-codes and turn them into long-term partners.

Customer referral campaigns

Encourage customers to share your product with their friends by rewarding them with discounts, free months, credits, etc. Offer double-sided incentives to make the program even more effective.

Automated recurring commissions

Unlike competitors, FirstPromoter is linked to your subscription and automates rewards management in case of cancellations, expired CC, upgrades or refunds.

We also show you metrics that counts like Monthly Recurring Revenue generated by the program, active customers, cancellations and referred customers plans.


Any type of rewards and double-sided incentives

Encourage your customers and other people to spread the word about your product by rewarding them with :

  • monetary commission per sale, percentage or flat fee
  • discount coupons
  • free subscription months
  • credits or points
  • gift cards, swag, etc


< 15 minutes integration

Our step-by-step setup makes the integration a breeze, getting your program ready in no-time.

All it takes to integrate FirstPromoter with your app is to copy-paste some scripts into your website and click the Stripe connect button.

Getting started

Fully brandable promoter dashboard

Your promoters can have their own "portal" where they can check their stats, view their rewards and share the referral link.

Lots of customization options are available, including WYSIWYG editor, pre-set sharing messages or iframe embedding.


More Features

Fulfilments and Paypal payouts

You can easily pay your influencers through Paypal or use webhooks to trigger fulfilment for other rewards in your system.

Personalized Code and Link tracking

Your influencers and partners can be tracked by email, personalized promo codes and/or referral links.

Manual or automatic partner approval

You can decline or accept affiliate requests manually or approve them automatically. You can also create accounts manually with temporary passwords.

Automated email campaigns

Keep your promoters engaged and active with drip email campaigns based on their actions and results.

Marketing Assets library

Add banner ads, images, email templates and other content to your assets library and share them with your promoters.


Your application can get notified each time a new promoter signs up or a reward is attributed.


All plans come with a 14 days FREE trial period.
No credit card required.

Starter Plan


up to $5,000 *MRR generated
by promoters

  • All features from Growth Plan
  • maximum 100,000 website visitors/month
  • no other fees
Free Trial

Growth Plan


up to $10,000 *MRR generated
by promoters

  • unlimited promoters/affiliates
  • multiple campaigns
  • any type of rewards and commissions
  • personalized referral links
  • link and coupon tracking
  • email marketing automation
  • brandable promoter dashboard
  • quick mass Paypal payouts
  • no other fees
Free Trial

Business Plan


up to $20,000 *MRR generated
by promoters

  • All features from Growth Plan
  • Custom pricing for MRR higher than $20,000
Free Trial

*MRR(Monthly Recurring Revenue) generated by promoters from the active customers they brought to you.